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Breast Cancer Post-Rehabilitation

Breast Cancer Post-Rehabilitation

Fully qualified to assess, design, and implement fitness programs for those diagnosed with breast cancer. 

Scholarships are available!

Join Our Spinal Health Program

Spinal Health & Improved Posture

Unlock your posture potential with science-based methods for a pain free and healthy spine as you age:

  • Address Postural Issues
  • Learn to Move Safely and Efficiently
  • Build Muscle Strength & Tone
  • Increase Flexibility
Dance Conditioning

Dance Conditioning

Improve your technique and prevent injury

We have 2 professional dancers on staff who truly understand the intricacies and demands of dance.

Private & Semi-Private Training Sessions

Prenatal / Postnatal Pilates Classes

Enjoy a quicker recovery, reduced back pain, strengthen your pelvic floor, and experience less overall strain on the body.

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