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We are a locally owned small business, serving our local community since 2014. Thank you for your ongoing support!


We help MOVE you into a BALANCED body you FEEL good in!

On Point Pilates is the recipient of Best of Denton County Award for Pilates Instruction in 2014, 2015, & 2018. Living Magazine's Best of for Pilates Instruction for 2016, 2017, 2019 & 2023.

Our Amazing Clients

We value and appreciate all of our clients - past, present and future, they inspire us daily! Here are some of their stories:

On Point Pilates Reformer Franklin Method Somatics Vagus Nerve

Amanda's Story

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On Point Pilates Reformer, Franklin Method

Jennifer's Story

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Pilates Franklin method Vagus Nerve Somatics

Jeff's Story

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Find Balance with Polyvagal Theory and Somatic Movement

Free Workshop July 27th at 1pm-3pm

This workshop is for everyone. Learn to harmonize body and mind by releasing stress cycles from the body utilizing Polyvagal theory and somatic movement. The results can include: calmer mind, less pain, less tension, optimal performance training, faster recovery and healing, emotional regulation and better connection with yourself and others.
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How Can We Help You?

We specialize in guiding individuals along four main paths to improvement. Each class is designed to align with one or more of these paths and are clearly labeled as Release, Recover, Perform, or Harmonize on our schedule. But here's the magic - our team customizes every class for those attending ensuring your journey is optimized for better results.

Release Pain or Stress

Release Pain or Stress

Embark on a journey to release pain and stress with our specialized classes labeled "Release" or "Harmonize." These sessions blend somatic movement, fascia release, and foundational mobility/stability while shifting into a parasympathetic nervous system state. Personalized support is available through private lessons.

Recover from Injury or Illness
Recover from Injury or Illness

Step into a welcoming space prioritizing your recovery from injury or illness. Our programs bridge the gap between therapy and personal goals. Consider starting with private lessons, and then join classes labeled "Recover" focusing on strength, mobility, stability, and the interplay between mindset and recovery. Explore other helpful classes like "Release" or "Harmonize"based on your needs

Pilates, NeuroFit, Franklin method

Perform for Enhanced Athleticism

Elevate your athleticism with our tailored programs, enhancing strength, mobility, stability, and mental resilience for peak performance in life or sports. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or fitness beginner, our knowledgeable teachers guide you towards performance gains. Join our classes labeled "Perform" and balance your training with our "Recover" classes. Unlock your full potential with private lessons or athlete-specific classes for golfers or dancers.

Pilates, NeuroFit, Franklin method

Harmonize for Enhanced Mental Wellness

Learn to balance your nervous system states to foster harmony between body and mind. Explore resources and techniques to enhance your mental wellness journey. Our specialized somatic and body-based services blend somatic movement, Polyvagal theory, fascia release, and foundational mobility for a transformative experience.

These classes are labeled "Harmonize". Personalized support is available through private lessons as well

"On Point Pilates does a great job of customizing services to each individuals’ needs. They will make you feel comfortable while challenging you to achieve your potential in a warm and loving environment. It is a unique and special place!”

Jennifer F.

Our Studio & STOTT Pilates Equipment

Top-of-the-Line Equipment & Studio

Train on the latest equipment at with the friendly instructors at our Flower Mound Pilates studio, near Highland Village.

Highly Trained.  Client Focused.  Research Based.

No matter your fitness level, age or exercise background, our well-trained instructors personalize private and semi-private Pilates programs for you and your body. Our mission is your well being.

Classes are limited to 4 participants, ensuring you get the individual attention needed to get the most out of every Pilates session.

Reach your goals safely and mindfully with us...