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Client Reviews

Love these classes! Such a great blend of strength building and release work. My flexibility has increased tremendously since I started with them and with the small class size they can really tailor each class to the needs and ability levels of all participants.

Amanda T. | Flower Mound, TX

OMG what an AWESOME studio! Michelle and her team are extremely knowledgeable about the body, how it works, and how to build and heal it for a healthy lifestyle. The classes are intentionally intimate so that you get 1-on-1 attention and proper form. My body has changed significantly in only a month on the unlimited class plan! This is not a fast food chain type of workout! If you are serious about your body and learning about real Pilates, then this is your studio! I’m a lifer!

Joy S.

After paralysis from Guillain Barre Syndrome and standard physical therapy I was in need of a good physical program targeting my needs. I began private lessons and group sessions at On Point Pilates 19 months ago. Within the first month I began to strengthen my body and achieve movement I hadn’t had in 2 years. The program has enabled me to regain balance. Shea is my main instructor whose knowledge is extraordinary. It’s been the best thing and helped me more than anything I have ever done, and I used to teach water aerobics. I highly recommend this studio.

Cynthia H.

Pilates has improved my posture, increased my flexibility/balance and strengthened my core, thanks to Michelle’s expertise and dedication.

Christy R. | Lantana, TX

On Point Pilates is a unique studio that offers a bespoke, tailored approach that works for everyone from young teenagers to elderly adults. I started attending classes a few years after the birth of my second child - my body felt very different and I struggled with recurring back pain, pelvic floor weakness, and a desire to feel like 'myself' again. Their classes incorporate traditional Pilates and Polyvagal theory, which focuses on body-mind balance and emotional regulation. I have learned so much about body movement, and I'm able to apply these techniques at home to increase general mobility and help avoid injury during my weight training. This studio has a very welcoming vibe, and I love being part of the On Point Pilates family. Don't wait - book a trial class today and come join us!!

Jennifer B. | Flower Mound, TX

Michelle Lawyer and On Point Pilates is a beautiful facility but more importantly, Michelle is passionate about helping her clients achieve their personal health and fitness goals whether you are a dancer, athlete or just want to keep active and strong. She is knowledgeable, encouraging and always learning herself to bring the latest methods to her training! As a former ballerina, Michelle knows the proper muscle engagement for dance and is successful in helping dancers young and old “feel” what muscles should be working. I send many of my ballet students to Michelle for supplemental training and they are amazed by the results!
Kelly Lannin
Artistic Director, LakeCities Ballet
and Ballet Conservatory

Kelly L.

Leadership starts from the top and Michelle has a thirst for knowledge and the ability to share it with her staff and clients which keeps On Point Pilates on the cutting edge and always improving for the benefit of it’s clients. I have worked with all of the instructors at On Point Pilates for the last 5+ years. They are all professional, knowledgeable and have the gift of communicating ideas and movements in an easy to understand way. Additionally, they have a complete understanding of how to adapt exercise movements based on how my body is feeling on a given day. The decision to work with On Point Pilates is the best health decision I have made!

Jeff L. | Corinth, TX

On Point Pilates has helped me tremendously! The studio is intimate and each class is focused on the needs of the students . I have loved Pilates for a long time and I can honestly say, this studio has given me more confidence and strength as I train for my Marathon. The Pilates instructors are amazing and really take care of us. I am excited as I continue to grow with them! Thank you to Michelle, Shea and Marybeth!

Jyanne M. | Highland Village, TX

On Point Pilates is the most professional Pilates Studio in the Highland Village / Flower Mound TX area, The expert instruction and exercise form coaching has not only significantly improved my core strength but eliminated many years of back pain. Shea and Michelle really know what they are doing and the results show. Please give the studio a try and you won't be disappointed!!

Alan H. | Flower Mound, TX

I love my sessions with Michelle, after having a back injury a couple of years ago, she has helped me gain strength and confidence while increasing my flexibility and endurance. I can't say enough positive things about this studio!!!!

Donna W.

Shea is the best, keeps us in line even when we get a bit rowdy in class. Always leave her class feeling better than when I walked in ❤️

Bonnie J.

Great class to stretch and challenge yourself. It’s one of my favourite classes.

Della L.

Michelle does a great job of customizing services to each individuals’ needs. She will make you feel comfortable while challenging you to achieve your potential in a warm and loving environment. It is a unique and special place!

Jennifer F.

Shea is a wonderful instructor. Every class is specific to our needs. I always leave feeling better!!

Missy S.

I am so impressed with the instructors here. The individual attention during every class is so amazing. I have been doing Pilates for less than 6 months and my core strength has improved so much that I am even surprised! Thank you Shea for helping me on this journey!

Karma P.

Bright, airy studio, all variety of Pilates equipment, super-knowledgeable instructors...always a great workout!

Karen S.

Michelle is wonderful. I started seeing her for issues I was having due to child bearing years, and she gave me a wealth of knowledge, and really helped strengthen my deep pelvic floor muscles. She would give me tips and tricks I could use at home to help with any issues I was having, as well as exercises I could do on my own to continue to speed up my healing. She is meticulous on form, and I always appreciated her attention to detail because I was able to get the most out of the exercises while protecting my most vulnerable areas. I knew with her I was never going to put undue strain on myself. She is very caring and very passionate about what she does. I highly recommend her.

Samantha W.

Kind, informative and extremely helpful! Definitely best class I’ve been to in the area

Luciana R.

Reach your goals safely and mindfully with us...